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   nodoor#1.jpg (14326 bytes)      bothdoors#1.jpg (20982 bytes)

The old doors were trash, so we started out by                  This is the new door and old door sitting together.

                                replacing them.

old door#1.jpg (21569 bytes)

This is the old door, notice the bottom how it was rusted out all the way through.  The dark area indicates it is the inside of the door you are seeing.

   new_right_side1.jpg (15767 bytes)       rear_no_plastic1.jpg (16884 bytes)                                                                                                   This is the rear of the car without the plastic.                         no fascia#1.jpg (18617 bytes)       front fascia#1.jpg (13731 bytes)

                      Here is what the front end looks like without the plastic on.                   Here is the front end sitting on the floor.

spotted right#1.jpg (15529 bytes)

Here is the car almost ready to paint.


Paint Day Preparation

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