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Engine Restoration

My engine basically started out as a huge mass of rust.

dirtymotor#2.jpg (38635 bytes)

But, like a lot of things, if you work on them they will turn out nice.

headingin#1.jpg (38068 bytes)

    Trust me, all of this was a lot of work.  I couldn't even begin to tell you how many hours I spent on this engine alone.  Now that it is done and I can see what I've done it was worth it all.  I really enjoy doing this stuff, and you have to if you're going to do something like this.  The motor had 191,000 miles on it originally, but when my dad and I tore it down it was in great shape.  Almost everything was in specs, except for one lobe on the cam.  I put a few performance parts in it, probably not all I would like but being 15 and not having all the money in the world stops things really fast.

Performance Parts

Crane Cams camshaft with new timing set                Clevite 77 engine and cam bearings

Crane Cams rocker arms                                        Accel spark plug wires

Fel-Pro gaskets

Maybe not really considered a performance part, but it is a performance lubricant, I am currently running Valvoline SynPower motor oil and I am very impressed by it.

Here are some pictures of the engine work:

oldleftside#1.jpg (19014 bytes)                     enginebottom#1.jpg (18777 bytes)                

                            This is a pic of the engine when I got the car.

                cylinders#1.jpg (18239 bytes)                      heads#1.jpg (19490 bytes)

                                                                                                                     This is me torquing the heads down.

                rarms#1.jpg (19887 bytes)                      exhmnfld#1.jpg (13915 bytes)

                almostcomplete#2.jpg (18078 bytes)                       newleftside#1.jpg (17286 bytes)

I want to give a special thanks to my dad for helping me a lot on my car.

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